Gabriela Menchaca

Founder & Teacher at Academia Zhakjarova

I am a language teacher with 10 years of experience. I have given courses to companies and individuals, regularizations and personalized intensive courses. Certified in British language in London, England (IELTS). Highly demanding with focus on conversational method and direct approach. I will set your goals to reach and commit to you not to give up until you achieve it efficiently and in a practical way. Allow yourself to dive into another language in an immersed and cultural way.

Spanish native language.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Teaches: Russian, English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Music Theory, Piano & Violin

Itzel Solís García

Manager at Academia Zhakjarova & teaches Dj

Video Making, music and production is my  passion! Even Though i studied to be a chef, which I love! Music was my hidden passion and at the moment I’m dedicating my life to music! I teach djing classes at zhakjarova academy since 2014 and it’s been a great experience. I have performed my sets in different bars, pubs, nightclubs and private parties and it is so much fun!  Learning is easy but you need to commit in terms of practice… music is a complete physical and sensorial activity universally speaking. I teach through practice “hands-on” with just a tiny bite of theory as necessary.. And then it blows your mind!! Do you want to become an artist just like Mathame, Mihai Pol, Nicole Moudaber, Carl Cox, Boris Brejcha  … What are you waiting for?!?!?!?!?!

Teaches: Djing

Gabriela Ramírez

Teaches Ceramics, Jewellery, Sculpting, Textile Design

“I have Always been abducted by Beauty”. 

I am a Self-taught artist, an outsider creative a free Spirit that migrates from metals to crystal beads, from clay and Wool to gold, from heaven, to earth… 

The sculptress, the ceramist and the Jeweller amalgamate with passion and grace. 

I undertake a series of projects every Year, working in collaboration with galleries, private clients and occasionally indulging in my own “madness”: crazy shoes. 

Ceramist, jeweller, sculptor, textile designer and founder of Corazón de Venada.


Teaches: Ceramics

Kilian Rosado Lozoya

I’m a Russian and Spanish teacher, graduated from the national institute of theatre arts and certified in linguistics in the Russian language institute A.S.Pushkin both in Moscow, Russia.

After eight years of experience teaching to different types of students worldwide, I found it incredibly fascinating how the personalities, worldviews , interests and relationships of my students changed class by class. Even though many scholars say that math is the universal language because it’s the same regardless of where you are. I dare to say that the effort to understand each other it’s what makes empathy the universal language. During my classes I do my best to pass on my experiences as an actor and a teacher in different countries. The culture, history, politics, science and the arts are not just a branch of a language. They are the base in which a language is continuously growing.

This is why I found sharing everything that a language can get you closer to understand these topics, a must in any andragogical method.  Just by understanding how the grammar of any language works, could get you closer to understanding how a person thinks and how that person would interact with the world around him. 

Teaches: Russian

Alexandre Azevedo

I’m Brazilian and ever since I have been conscious of my personal preferences, I always found myself in the area of foreign languages, from my first contact with English and later with Spanish. These languages gave me the opportunity to experience amazing things outside my own country. There have been many traditional jobs where my mother language was the solution the company was looking for. Since this point, there have been countless students, all of them with different goals, ideas, and thoughts about what the Portuguese language is. At this point, I discovered that I love teaching people to speak my native language, and I love even more to see these same people happy achieving the goals that were proposed.  On this road, I gave Spanish classes to my compatriots but mainly Portuguese classes to Spanish speakers of different nationalities such as Mexicans, Spaniards, Argentineans, Colombians, Venezuelans, and other nationalities such as French, Italians, and others. In this trajectory, I understood that each person is unique and how important it is to find the best method for each situation.

Teaches: Portuguese

Luis Antonio Vargas Chew

“Knowledge is irrelevant if you don’t share it with someone else”

Teaching is making people’s lives easier. Since I was a kid I have always been in love with learning and while you think teaching is the opposite side of it, you couldn’t be more wrong, the two are connected so much and work hand-by-hand, I guess that’s why I’ve always liked so much teaching, the process of sharing the knowledge to others forces you to learn and learn more. I’ve been teaching for over 3 years now, English, Japanese, Spanish, music; each of them requires a different approach, a different perspective.

With English I have learned to be more DYNAMIC and DIRECT, with Japanese I learned PATIENCE;  and with music I learned that, in order to FULLY learn something, we need something really important, TO ENJOY IT.

My perspective on teaching is that we must create pleasant environments and motivate the student to improve themselves constantly, through positive comments and enjoyable, meaningful memories.

Teaches: Japanese, Spanish, Music Theory And Guitar Methodology

Jenny Karina Fung Wen

I was born in Venezuela to Chinese parents. Since I was a child I have communicated with my family in Cantonese Chinese, and then I started to learn Mandarin Chinese. In the process, I met wonderful people, I also got to know and connect more with my parents’ culture.

We are designed to learn forever. “When you learn a new skill,” writes Drs. R. and B. Bruun in their book The Human Body, “you are training your neurons to connect in a new way. . . . The more you use your brain, the more efficient it will become.” Learning a new language will not only keep your brain healthy, it also gives you the opportunity to travel and see different places in the world.

“The mind is like a parachute… It only works if we keep it open.”- Albert Einstein 

I invite you to “keep your mind open” by learning a new language, you lose nothing, in return you will gain experiences and opportunities to meet and explore new possibilities.

Teaches: Chinese & Cantonese

Marco Melis

Hello! I am Marco Melis, I am Italian and I have lived in Mexico for 20 years. For me it is a pleasure to share the Italian culture in Mexico, I am pleased to teach Italian. It is not only teaching language, but teaching customs and ways of life of my country, is the part that excites me the most. Comprehensively, learning becomes lighter and more enjoyable.

Teaches: Italian

Patricia Chew

“When one teaches, two learn”.

From a very young age I had the fortune to experience textiles, fabrics and natural dyes closely thanks to my city of origin, which is Oaxaca; later my passion was reaffirmed when I studied fashion design and for 10 years I have worked constantly in this career. I have worked as an independent designer, costume designer for theater and interior designer.

I love to think about the process by which the design of a garment materializes, where creativity is not only used to capture an idea, but also to solve the challenges that come with developing one.

Let me guide you to discover this universe of textures and colors and be able to create your own garments!

Teaches: Tailoring, Pattern making, Fashion design

Other Tutors:

Lisa Pulzetti 

Torsten Brosig

Iman Hakki El Haouassi (Arabic)