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since 2014

Founded in 2014 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico by Gabriela Menchaca. We are an academy made up of professionals in art seen from different angles: languages, music, sculpture, ceramics and dance. Our goal is to develop individuals through art as a hook to touch the soul and we think that art in any of its manifestations is a perfect excuse to achieve it and evolve as human beings.

Our work team is made up of professionals in each area. We are certified, native teachers and pedagogues with more than 10 years of work experience and “we know what we are doing”.

Our methodology is assimilative, dynamic, revolutionary and spiral, our line of work is “repeat, develop, evolve and move forward”. If we take as an example the way a newborn child learns in any part of the world, their natural learning process is based on assimilation, intuition and repetition… Think about it, nobody is born speaking a language or having “expertise” in a certain area of knowledge. life, therefore our methodology applied in all areas is natural and organic. The pace and progress clearly depends on the student in question (her capabilities).

Mission & Vision


We teach languages, music, dj, sculpture and ceramic classes. We teach our students to think differently, to be artistically and linguistically independent. For us, self-knowledge is important as an artistic path, therefore I dare to say that our learning path is the spiritual path (beyond any other line or educational methodology). We cultivate human beings.

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At Zhakjarova our priority is the development of our students, their learning and educational evolution, therefore we are deeply committed and dedicated to preparing classes of excellence and educational quality in terms of preparation, pedagogy, current material, up-to-date certifications. Our offer of classes is online, face-to-face at the academy or at students’ home, we also offer exam preparation.

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Our work team is made up of professionals in each area. We are certified, native teachers and pedagogues with more than 10 years of work experience and “we know what we are doing”.




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Judith G.

“Es super accesible, explica muy bien, es muy clara, atenta y resuelve mis dudas.”

Gustavo O.

“Súper, me siento muy cómodo con su manera tan profesional de impartir las clases.”

Armando V.

“La mejor profesora de inglés que he tenido, se preocupa realmente por tu aprendizaje, es muy paciente y siempre atenta a tus necesidades cómo alumno.”

José Luis B.

“Gabriela es una excelente maestra! Utiliza un sistema de enseñanza muy amigable y fácil de seguir. Tiene un manejo excepcional del lenguaje. Se enfoca en la gramática y pronunciación correctas de las palabras.”

Let’s Learn Together!

Learning is undoubtedly a process that nurtures us as human beings, helps us grow as people, develop our intellectual, professional, emotional, psychological, motor skills. Why not do it together? Let’s join in the learning process!!! Together we are community, together we are more, together we are better!

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